Standing Overhead Circles

Standing Overhead Circles (also known as ceiling circles or upper body circles) is a functinal full body standing abs exercise. It primarily mobilizes and strengthens all the muscles around the midsection. Such as abdominal wall and lower back. Legs, shoulders, chest, upper back activates as well as a secondary muscle groups. It is a low […]

High Knees Twists

High Knees Twists is an intensive cardio type standing abs exercise. This exercise is similair to a regular high knees exercise (also known as run in place, sprinting on spot), but there is a twist. Literally. This variation of high knees is designed to put more your abodominal muscles to work. Especially the obliques by […]

Standing Foot Grab

Standing Foot Grab is a functional bodyweight ab exercise for a comprehensive core development targeting upper abs, lower abs, obiques and many more important muscles. Such as legs, hips, back and shoulders. This standing abs exercise will help to improve your core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility. Due to the large amount of muscles […]

Standing Cross Crunches

Standing Cross Crunches (also known as standing knee to elbow crunches, cross body crunch or simply crisscross) is a terrific standing abs exercise for developing functional and chiseled midsection. Especially great for building up obliques and curving the sidelines of the abs. This exercise will improve the balance, coordination and postural support as well as […]

Standing Knee Raises

Standing Knee Raises (also known as standing knee crunches and standing knee pulls) is a functional abdominal exercise for boosting strength throughout the core. Unlike standard ab exercises, they don’t isolate abdominal muscles. Instead they work your upper abs and lower abs in conjunction with other important muscles such as hips, back and shoulders. Plus […]