Abs Workout Without Lower Back Pain [Better Abs Workout #4]

Do you suffer from lower back pain during or post ab workouts? Well it sucks. And I know how discouraging it can be to keep pursuing your goal of better abs. Heck! It’s not just aesthetics we are talking here about. Back pain affects quality of your everyday life. But there is a silver lining. […]

Intense Abs Workout At Home [Better Abs Workout #3]

Dreaming of having a complete (read: well build and functional) core? Stop dreaming. Start training your abs accordingly! Now. When I am done yelling at you (sorry) (not really), here is an intense abs workout at home you can do to work towards that complete core of yours: What’s Special About This Intense Abs Workout […]

Obliques Workout For Sexy Side Abs [Better Abs Workout #2]

Looking for a complete obliques workout to develop good looking side abs? Look no further. I proudly present a second abs workout of Better Abs Workout series. In this abs workout we focus on the obliques. We need to develop oblique muscles in order to achieve great looking side abs and get that sexy V-Cut […]

Perfect Abs Workout for Lazy People [Better Abs Workout #1]

Tired of boring ab workouts? Sick of the same abs routine you have been doing emm…forever? Fed up with ab workouts that cause more harm (read: pain in lower back, strained neck, hurt hips) than good? Looking for something fresh and better? Then I got some exciting news for you. “BETTER ABS” WORKOUT SERIES ARE […]

10 Powerful Standing Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Until recently I didn’t realize something like bodyweight standing ab exercises do exist. Moreover, that they are effective and provide many unique benefits. Benefits such as (1) maximized calorie burn, (2) less or no strain on the neck and lower back, (3) functionality, and (4) improved physical abilities. Just to name a few. After putting […]