45 the Most Loved Standing Abs Workout Routines on You Tube

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I did spend an impressive amount of hours surfing the You Tube to find the most loved standing abs workout routines out there.

To determine the “lovability” the number of likes and dislikes were taken into a consideration. These numbers later were compared to the total amount of views. A few videos didn’t make it on this list though because of the bad video quality or questionable performance of the exercises.

Anyways, one day I will shoot a killer standing abs workout routine myself…but until then enjoy these 45 the most beloved standing ab workouts already at your disposal:

1. 30 Min. Standing Abs HIIT Cardio Workout

Tough 30 minutes long high intensity interval training routine using compound exercises and explosive cardio while engaging abdominal muslces from many different angles.

Channel: Millionaire Hoy

2. Standing Abs Exercises – 6 min Standing Core Workout

Sean Vigue a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor puts some popular pilates exercises in a short well-rounded 6 minutes standing abs routine.

Channel: SeanVigueFitness

3. Standing Abs Workout with Kelsey Lee

An easy to follow 5 minute standing ab workout from celebrity trainer & fitness personality Kelsey Lee. Build stronger core with low impact movements.

Channel: kelseyleedotcom

4. 10 Min Standing Abs Home Workout | Keeping It Real-Time Workout

10 different moves in 10 minute workout. Police sirens will blare, airplanes will fly past, dogs will bark, and you’ll burn plenty of calories, bust a sweat, and really hit those abs.

Channel: Millionaire Hoy

5. Standing Abs Exercises – 10 min Standing Core Workout

Another one standing core and ab workout routine from Sean Vigue. The actual workout is only 7 minutes long.

Channel: SeanVigueFitness

6. Standing Abs Workout – 5 Best Standing Abs Exercises

Linda Wooldridge a creator of the Barlates Body Blitz workouts presents this 5 great standing abs exercises circuit. All you need to workout along is a very light set of hand-weight or you can do it without.

Channel: Linda Wooldridge

7. Ab Workout Standing Up – HASfit Ab Exercises Standing Up – Standing Abs Exercises

Coach Joshua Kozak demonstrates 10 minute ab workout routine that is low impact and suitable for those with physical limitations. Complete 4 rounds of each abdominal exercise for 30 seconds.

Channel: HASfit

8. The 15-Minute Standing Workout for Flat Abs from Women’s Health

Jen Ator a fitness editor at Women’s Health demonstrates a great 15 minute workout to slim down your waist, strengthen your abs and improve your posture. You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this workout.

Channel: Women’s Health

9. Standing Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Lauren Hefez a Boston based group fitness instructor, personal trainer, YouTuber, fitness model and blogger shows a 5 minute workout routine for abs standing up. This routine is for you if you feel strain in your neck when performing ab exercises on the floor.

Channel: Lauren Hefez

10. Standing Pilates for Flat Abs: 12-Minute Bodyweight Only Workout

Skip the crunches and floor work and mix up your abs workout with this series of standing Pilates exercises taught by certified instructor Jessica Smith.

Channel: jessicasmithtv

11. Barre Standing Abs (+ Butt, Hips, Thighs) 12-Minute Intermediate Ballet Workout

A low impact barre-inspired ab routine to engage your abs along with many more muscles from every angle. Grab a chair and get ready to channel your inner ballerina and develop some serious core strength.

Channel: jessicasmithtv

12. 10 Minute Standing Workout: Abs, Thighs and Butt

Melissa Bender a fitness blogger, occupational therapist, yoga and fitness instructor presents 10 minute standing ab workout to strengthen abdominals, thighs and glutes.

Channel: Melissa Bender

13. Standing abs: no mat needed

Another standing ab workout from Lauren Hefez. This time more cardio and a lot of abs.

Channel: Lauren Hefez

14. Sexy standing abs

Pavla a certified group instuctor and YouTuber demonstrates a simple standing ab workout routine. One round is about 5 minutes. Author suggest you do 5 rounds.

Channel: Pavla Perfectleanbody

15. Quick Standing Abs Workout | BodyHoliday TV

Kristen at the BodyHoliday Resort in St Lucia demonstrates a simple & quick standing ab workout you can do anywhere. Even in a pool. It takes only about 2 minutes to finish one full round of exercises.

Channel: BodyHolidayTV

16. DANCER’S BODY STANDING ABDOMINALS (best ab workout, dancer body, abs, waist workout)

Lifestyle and wellness coach Tracy Campoli presents dancers inspired standing abs wokrout routine. She has pulled ab exercises from all the years of her dance classes.

Channel: Tracy Campoli

17. Sexy Standing Abs Tutorial- Work your abs/waist without doing sit-ups!

An innovative fitness expert Tiffany Rothe shows you some creative movements how to train your abs while standing up.

Channel: TiffanyRotheWorkouts

18. The Standing Crunch-less Ab Workout

Sarah has put together a simple 2 minute ab exercise sequence for those who hate crunches and experience strain in the neck when doing a lot of ab moves. 4 different ab exercises for 30 seconds each.

Channel: Sarah Fit

19. Cardio Infused Standing Abs Workout – Crunchless Abs + Cardio

A blend of 8 bodyweight low intensity cardio exercises that target the abdominal muscles without a single crunch. All it takes is 9 minutes.

Channel: FitnessBlender

20. Standing Abs Workout — Standing Abs Exercises to Tone Abs, Obliques & Lower Back

This is a low impact beginner friendly 10 minute workout routine that will work your entire core thoroughly. Exercises are very easy on the joints as well. This workout incorporate lots of different muscle groups so you will probably burn more calories than you would if you did classic ab exercises on the floor.

Channel: FitnessBlender

21. Standing ABS Workout – Building six-pack — Reducing waistline

Certified fitness trainer Marcelo Vazquez demonstrates 3 standing ab exercises that are going to target the entire abdominal area. To follow along this workout you will need a pair of dumbbells and 10 minutes of your time.

Channel: Trainer Marcelo Vazquez

22. Ab Workout, Abs, Belly Fat, Weight Loss: 7-Minute Full Length Standing Abs Workout

This is a quick 7 minute bodyweight standing abs routine you can do anywhere.

Channel: jessicasmithtv

23. more STANDING ABS, how to get a flat stomach, ab workout

More standing abs exercises from Tracy. Tone your abs with this 5 minute workout. As you are not using any resistance, make sure you squeeze your ab muscles to really engage and work those muscles.

Channel: Tracy Campoli

24. Standing Abs – Burn Fat & Sculpt Your Abs in Less Than 15 Minutes! Full 13-Minute Workout

This is a great 13 minute ab workout that you can do with a dumbbell or any other weighted object. If you don’t have any, use your arm weight.

Channel: jessicasmithtv

25. Burn Belly Fat: 10-Minute Strong Standing Abs Home Workout

A 10 minute routine you can incorporate in your existing workout routine or do a quick workout to hit your core. Preferably you will need a pair of dumbbells.

Channel: jessicasmithtv


Another dancers inspired standing abs workout from Tracy for tight, toned and ready to go abs. All you need is your abs and 5 minutes of your time.

Channel: Tracy Campoli

27. Standing Abs and Obliques Workout Without Crunches: Intermediate to Advanced Standing Abs Exercises

This is a great standing abs routine you can do after other workout routine. Provides some unique exercises you won’t find on any other ab workout video listed here.

Channel: FitnessBlender

28. Oblique Workout – 6 Minutes Abs – Getting Rid of Love Handle Exercises – HASfit Oblique Exercises

Really shake out your love handles with this pretty intensive 6 minute standing obliques routine.

Channel: HASfit

29. Sexy Standing Up Abs with Laura London

A board certified health counselor, weight loss & detox coach Laura London demonstrates 12 minute standing ab workout that will challenge your abdominal muscles and your mind muscle connection. You’ll need a dumbbell and a towel.

Channel: Laura London Fitness

30. 12 Minute Standing Up Abs – Lets Kick those ABS into shape

More ab sculpting standing ab exercises from Laura London. For this one you will need a broomstick.

Channel: Laura London Fitness

31. Six Pack Abs-Get Rid of those Love Handles

Viktoria Telek a certified personal trainer demonstrates 6 minute abs workout you can do on your feet. Prepare a set of light dumbbells and follow along.

Channel: Workouts

32. Stand Up Ab Workout – Crunch Free! Quick Easy Standing Ab Exercises!

A fitness anthusiast Becca shows her favourite ab workout routine standing up. It’s a 2 minute circle with some ab and cardio exercises.

Channel: Becca S

33. Crunchless Abs Workout – Crunch Free Ab Workout Routine

This crunch free 10 minute abs routine is a great blend of light cardio & core toning moves that won’t have your neck or back aching.

Channel: FitnessBlender

34. Abs & Core Dancer’s Workout: Billy Blanks Jr.- Club Hip Hop

Dancer, choreographer, and Fitness Expert Billy Blanks Jr. demonstrates a unique 9 minute long dancers inspired hip-hop style ab workout that involves a combination of standing ab exercises and plyometric-style moves like burpees. This fun and effective workout can be done anywhere and is great for all skill levels.

Channel: BeFiT

35. BossyTrainer – Standing Abs, Legs and Butt Beginner Workout # 1

A great 7 minute workout routine with an amazing view of the Bay area. Work your abs, legs and glutes all in one short workout session.

Channel: BossyTrainer

36. 10 Min Standing Abs Workout – HASfit Standing Ab Exercises – Standing Abdominal Exercises Workouts

Another standing ab exercise routine from coach Kozak. For this workout you can either use a dumbbell, weight plate, medicine, or anything heavy laying around the house.

Channel: HASfit

37. Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Standing Abs Exercises

The longest standing ab workout on this list. It takes 34 minutes to go through the full routine. It starts with a light warm up, stretches and continues with twisting, rotating, and reaching your way to a slimmer waist – all without ever sitting down on a mat for a traditional crunch.

Channel: FitnessBlender

38. HASfit 5 Minute Standing Abs Workout – Standing Ab Exercises – Abdominal Exercise Standing Up

Burn your abs from every angle without getting on the floor with this 5 minute workout from coach Kozak.

Channel: HASfit

39. Standing Abs Exercises – 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat

These standing ab exercises emulate many abdominal exercises where you are lying flat out on your back, but because you are standing the leverage is different and the movements are easier. For this workout you’ll need a dumbbell, medicine ball or any other weighted object.

Channel: FitnessBlender

40. Standing 10 Minute Ab Workout Real Time: Melissa Bender

Another standing ab workout from Melissa. This time many different bodyweight and weighted ab exercises and funny comments from her husband who was behind the camera as well.

Channel: Melissa Bender

41. Ab Power Workout 3: Tone Up | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Fat-burning abdominal workout that uses a unique blend of cardio and strength exercises to burn calories, engage the abs, and tone the entire body. Challenge the core and slim the waistline with Fitness Expert & Actor, Scott Herman, and Fitness Blogger & Expert Trainer, Sarah Fit.

Channel: BeFiT

42. 10 Minute Abs!

Jennifer Galardi which you may recognise from Exercise TV shows 10 minute down and dirty version of her most popular dancers inspired workout.

Channel: Jennifer Galardi

43. Sexy Standing Abs Routine

Kristen a professional dancer and Personal Trainer demonstrates her sexy 6 minute standing ab workout routine.

Channel: K’s Perfect Fitness TV

44. Standing Abs

A certified fitness instructor Tori shows her 10 minute standing ab workout. All you need is a small towel or any other piece of a cloth such as a T-shirt.

Channel: toriteachesfitness

45. Tracy Anderson Standing Abs 4 Moves

A multi-platform fitness/wellness entrepreneur and author has developed a 3 minute standing abs routine for women.

Channel: All Tracy Anderson

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