Obliques Workout For Sexy Side Abs [Better Abs Workout #2]

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Looking for a complete obliques workout to develop good looking side abs?

Look no further.

I proudly present a second abs workout of Better Abs Workout series. In this abs workout we focus on the obliques. We need to develop oblique muscles in order to achieve great looking side abs and get that sexy V-Cut look.

You can do this obliques workout at home using your body weight only or at the gym using extra resistance.

Read This Before You Do This Obliques Workout:

This is a complete obliques workout. Meaning it will work your internal and external obliques from top to bottom.

Here is why these exercises and why we do them in a particular order.

To activate external oblique muscles you have to do exercises that involve some kind of a rotation. For this reason in this obliques workout we have abs exercises that involve upper and lower body rotations to hit upper and lower parts of those obliques.

In order to work inner oblique muscles we have resist the rotation and do static holds. And guess what, we have a perfect abs exercise to do just that.

Structure of This Obliques Workout:

  • Exercise #1 (lower obliques): 45 seconds
  • Exercise #2 (inner obliques): 45 seconds
  • Exercise #3 (upper obliques): 45 seconds
  • Rest: 45 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times

This obliques workout consists of 3 rounds. One round takes 3 minutes only.

There are 3 exercises in each round. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. With no rest in between begin the next exercise. Rest once all 3 exercises are done. Then repeat the circuit.

You can do less or more circuits if you like. Just make sure you challenge your obliques.

Before you begin, objectively evaluate your core strength and choose between Basic or Advanced version. Protocols are the same. Exercises are different.

Your goal is to do as many quality repetitions you can. When it gets tough lower the tempo, decrease the resistance, but keep performing the exercise. If necessary stop for a second and reset.

Obliques Workout Exercise List:

Home version (basic version):

  1. Twisting pistons
  2. Bodyweight Renegade Rows
  3. Bodyweight Russian Twists

Gym versions (advanced version):

  1. Twisting pistons
  2. Weighed Renegade Rows
  3. Weighed Russian Twists

About Twisting Pistons

If you checked the previous Better Abs Workout where I explained how do I develop abs workouts, then you have a clue why we start this obliques workout with lower body rotational exercise (hint: click the link and read).

Nevertheless Twisting pistons is one of my favorite body weight ab exercises. It’s functional. It’s dynamic. It’s challenging. It’s fun. And you can do it literally everywhere.

Before you begin the exercise get into a proper plank position. That’s your starting position.

To begin the exercise, jump with your feet towards one elbow while rotating your lower body. Then jump back and return back to a starting position. Keep alternating the sides.

About Renegade Rows

Renegade rows bring lots of benefits. In this routine we are using this exercise as anti rotational and static hold movement to activate inner abdominal muscles. This exercise will get your midsection stronger and flatter without adding size. Cool right?

Before you begin the exercise get into a starting position. Position your hands little bit closer than your shoulders. Place your feet in shoulder width or little bit more wider for a better balance. Keep your body in a straight line and your spine neutral.

To begin the exercise, embrace the the core and drive an elbow back moving your hand or dumbbell towards your armpit. Then slowly get back to the starting position and repeat with other side. Keep alternating the sides.

Once you lift your hand off the floor your body will want to rotate to keep the balance. Your goal is to keep the rest of your body stationary. This is the moment you have to put your core to work to keep everything in place. Imagine you have a cup of coffee on your lower back. If you rotate your hips, you will spill it. Don’t do that!

About Russian Twists

The obliques workout wouldn’t be complete if there was no rotational movement for the upper body. So let’s do some Russian twists (one of my the least favorite exercises…don’t know why). Very convenient exercise in this obliques routine though as we can get in a position and adjust the resistance within seconds.

First, get in a starting position. Sit on the ground, mat or bench with your knees bent in about 45 degree angle. Then lean backwards so your feet lift off the floor.

To begin the exercise twist your torso (not only your head or hands) from side to side. Keep your core embraced and rotate your upper body as far as you can. Try to keep your legs in place as much as possible. Inhale and exhale on every twist.

You can do body weight version or if it’s not enough challenging, take any kind of weighed object in your hands (dumbbell, plate, medicine ball, water bottle…). It will add a resistance and make every twist harder.

It’s your Turn Now! Try This Obliques Workout and Let Me Know How Was It!

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