Intense Abs Workout At Home [Better Abs Workout #3]

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Dreaming of having a complete (read: well build and functional) core?

Stop dreaming. Start training your abs accordingly!

Now. When I am done yelling at you (sorry) (not really), here is an intense abs workout at home you can do to work towards that complete core of yours:

What’s Special About This Intense Abs Workout At Home

Yo! Just because I did this abs workout in the gym doesn’t mean you cannot do it home. You can! It was designed to be done at home. But as you can see you can do it also in the gym (WOW!)

Ok. Let’s get serious.

This intense abs workout at home hits pretty much every area of your abs and covers multiple functions of abdominal muscles. Perpetual crunching sucks. This workout does not. That’s it.

[Mic drop]

[Matiss picks up the mic and continues…]

In this abs workout we have a dynamic exercise to engage lower abs (much better and fun than regular plank). We have rotational abs exercise to work those obliques. And we have a killer abs exercise that involves multiple movement patterns with just one move – upper body and lower body curling at the same time plus upper body rotations.

Besides abs you will work other muscle groups as well. Such as legs, arms, shoulders, back.

This abs workout is pretty intense. You will thank me when you get to the third exercise. Try the workout and you will understand what I am talking about.

Let’s move on.

Structure of This Abs Workout

This abs workout is constructed with a simplicity in mind.

Just 3 abs exercises.

Just 3 rounds.

One round is 3 minutes only.

Looks like this:

  • Exercise #1 (lower abs): 45 seconds
  • Exercise #2 (multiple abdominal areas): 45 seconds
  • Exercise #3 (obliques): 45 seconds
  • Rest: 45 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times

Yeeeah…I forgot to tell you that there is no rest between the exercises. Intensity!

Rest after the full circuit (3 exercises in a row).

List of Exercises for This Intense Abs Workout at Home:

  • Spiderman Plank
  • Starfish Crunches (or alternating toe touches)
  • Plank with a rotation

Do Spiderman Plank Correctly!

With every exercise you ever do, the goal is not to get from point A to point B. The goal is to get from one point to another with a perfect form. That’s how you maximize the return of the time you invest in each workout and minimize any chance of harming your body. There is just no point of performing the exercises if you are not activating the right muscles.

Before you begin Spiderman plank, get into a straight arm plank position. Embrace your body and keep everything firm.

To begin the exercise take a step with your leg. Place your leg at your side as far as your mobility allows. Try to land on full foot if possible. Finish the movement by tucking your lower back which will help to really engage those lower abs. Keep the rest of your body in place.

Return back to the starting position and repeat the same with other leg. Keep alternating sides. Perform the exercise as quickly as you can with a good form. Once you get tired, lower the tempo, but keep doing the exercise.

Starfish Crunches Are The Killers

The proper form with this abs exercise is extremely important. The most important thing to remember and ensure is to keep lower flat back against the floor throughout the whole exercise. Otherwise your abs won’t do the job and you will end up overworking your lower back. Believe me it’s freakin’ hard to do as you need to keep your legs and arms floating above the floor as well.

If you can’t do that, or you have existing lower back issues then perform Alternating Toe Touches (a.k.a. opposite arm to opposite toe). Leave your ago aside.

By the way, if you do have lower back problems, then do not attempt this intense abs workout. Try these abs exercises without lower back pain instead.

Before you begin Starfish Crunches, lay flat on your back with your hands extended over your head. Embrace your abs to bring your rib cage down and flatten you back onto the floor. Lift your legs and arms off the floor a bit. This is your starting position.

To begin the exercise come up and move your arm to the opposite leg (touch the toe if you can). Don’t tuck your chin down to your chest. Try to keep your neck neutral.

Then return back to the starting position. Don’t put and rest your legs and arms on the floor. Keep them off the floor. Repeat the movement to the other side.

Breathe out when you come up. Breathe in when you come down.

You can start with Starfish Crunches and then switch to Alternating Toe Touches during the workout (just like I did in the middle of the round 2). This exercise is few levels lighter as you can rest your legs and arms on the floor.

Plank with a rotation

Let’s finish this intense abs workout at home with something little bit less intense.

Also there is a chance that you might feel some tension in your neck after the previous exercise. Therefore this next ab exercise will be face down so front of your neck can rest now. I put my mind of all these little things.

Before you begin the exercise get into a proper plank position. Make sure your abdominals are nice and tight. Keep your elbows below the shoulders and your feet at least one feet away from each other. That’s your starting position.

I see many people push their butt back and then rotate and open up. That’s the wrong way to do this exercise as you won’t activate the muscles we are trying to work here.

To do the exercise correctly and effectively, start pulling with your lat (the one that is on the side of the supporting arm that will stay on the floor), lock the pelvis to the rib cage, let your feet turn and fully open. Keep your body in one straight line. Don’t let your hips sag.

Then in a controlled motion return back. Do the same on the other side. Keep alternating the sides.

Lecture is over.

It’s your Turn Now! Try This intense Abs Workout At Home and Let Me Know How Was It?

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