Standing Foot Grab

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Standing Foot Grab

Standing Foot Grab is a functional bodyweight ab exercise for a comprehensive core development targeting upper abs, lower abs, obiques and many more important muscles. Such as legs, hips, back and shoulders.

This standing abs exercise will help to improve your core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility. Due to the large amount of muscles involved in the movement, it helps to burn much more calories than you would with regular abdominal exercises done on a mat.

Unlike other similar standing abs exercises, this exercise puts abdominal muscles under tension for a longer period of time. That means that the total amount of work placed on the muscles is greater. Thereof this exercise challenges your abs like no other.

Standing Foot Grab exercise suits everyone looking for a functional and toned midsection. Starting with new moms and ending with serious athletes. All will benefit from the exercise.



  • Provides tension for abdominal muscles for a longer period of time than other standing abs exercises.
  • Improves core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility.
  • No equipment needed. You can do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Burns more calories than other ab exercises done on the mat.
  • No strain and pull on the neck or lower back.


Standing Foot Grab Step 1

Get in a starting position. Step backwards with a right leg. Lean slightly forward and position most of your bodyweight on the front leg. Make sure that the front knee doesn’t go past the toes to avoid unnecessary load on a knee joint. Raise both arms up and engage the core.

Standing Foot Grab Step 2

To begin the exercise quickly lift the right knee up. Bring the knee as close to your chest as possible by tucking your pelvis. Simultaneously crunch your upper body down and grab your foot. Hold it for a brief moment. Forcefully and fully exhale during this part of the movement.

Standing Foot Grab Step 3

Let go your foot and return back to the starting position. Inhale on the way back. Then repeat the movement for a desired number of repetitions or until your muscles fatigue and you no longer can execute quality repetitions.


  • When lifting the knee up focus on squeezing the lower abs intentionally to avoid hip flexors doing all the work.
  • Use ankle weights to increase the resistance for your lower abs. Or do Standing Single Leg V-ups exercise.
  • If you can’t reach your foot, grab the knee instead. Or do Standing Knee Raises exercise.
  • If you find hard time holding your arms raised up, take it as sign that you need to strengthen your shouders and upper back and work on your flexibility as well.
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