Standing Cross Crunches

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Standing Cross Crunches

Standing Cross Crunches (also known as standing knee to elbow crunches, cross body crunch or simply crisscross) is a terrific standing abs exercise for developing functional and chiseled midsection. Especially great for building up obliques and curving the sidelines of the abs.

This exercise will improve the balance, coordination and postural support as well as many more important muscles are involved in the movement. When compared to other standard lying ab exercises, this will help to burn more calories in the same time. Thereof Standing Cross Crunches are a good fit for training routines that are meant to maximize calorie burning.

Everyone from beginners and new moms to advanced athletes who care about a functionality of their body will find Standing Cross Crunches beneficial. Especially if the core is used for rotational maneuvers vastly.

The exercise may improve the performance of the every day tasks and activities such as dancing, golfing, fighting and many other.



  • Discreet on lower back and neck.
  • Burns more calories than other ab exercises done lying on the floor.
  • No equipment needed. You can do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Won’t get your abs bulky.
  • Improves balance, coordination and postural support.


Standing Cross Crunches Step 1

Stand tall with your feet little wider than the shoulder-width apart. Shift the body weight on the right leg and place your left leg on the tiptoes slightly backwards. Raise your right arm straight up. Engage the abs. This will be your starting position.

Standing Cross Crunches Step 2

To begin the exercise twist your body and bring your right elbow down and across your body. At the same time lift your left knee up as high as you can across your body to meet the right elbow. Fully exhale during this part of the motion.

Standing Cross Crunches Step 3

Return back to the starting position while inhaling on the way back. Repeat the movement for a desired number of reps; switch sides and repeat on the other side.


  • To activate more oblique muscles perform slow and controlled movements. Try to really squeeze the abs.
  • To increase the resistance use ankle weights and dumbbells.
  • To work more on your balance don’t put the leg you are raising back on the floor.
  • You can keep your free arm on the hips if you like.


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