Prayer Squat Twists

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Prayer Squat Twists Standing Abs Exercise

Prayer Squat Twists is a vigorous standing abs exercise for torturing the obliques. This compound bodyweight ab exercise helps to build the connection between your upper and lower body. And helps to develope a muscle-mind connection.

With this exercise you train not only your obliques but many other muscles in your body. Not only your core will get stronger, but hamstrings, quads, glutes and lower back as well. This functional type of exercises will enhance the performance of sports and everyday tasks.

Prayer Squat Twists suit everyone from beginners to advanced athletes who care about a functionality of their body. Particularly from this exercise will benefit everyone who use their core vastly for rotational moves. Like golfers, baseball players, dancers, fighters and many others.



  • No equipment needed. Do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Works many muscles at once: obliques, glutes, quads, hamstrings and lower back.
  • Works more muscles at once therefore burns more calories than regular ab exercises done on the floor.
  • Developes a functional core and improves postural support.
  • Improves hip mobility and provides no pull on the neck.


Prayer Squat Twists Step 1

First get in a starting “prayer” position. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Turn your toes slightly out and position your knees in line with your feet. Put your palms together at a chest level. Draw your navel in and engage the abs.

Prayer Squat Twists Step 2

To begin the prayer squat twists press your hips back and lower your body. Keep your body weight over your heels and do not let your knees go past the toes. Simultaneously rotate your upper body to one side in order to reach the opposite knee with the opposite elbow.

Forcefully exhale during this part of the motion.

Prayer Squat Twists Step 3

Reverse the movement and get back to the starting position. Inhale on the way back.

Prayer Squat Twists Step 4

Now do the same on the other side. Keep alternating sides until you reach a desired number of repetitions or you no longer can maintain a good form.


  • Keep the back straight and chest up at all times during the exercise. Do not round the back at any point of the exercise.
  • Perform slow and controlled movements to make your abs do more work. Pause for a second in the bottom position and really squeeze the obliques to feel them working.
  • Keep your arms stationary throughout the whole exercise. Squeeze your obliques hard to be able to rotate further and actually reach the knee. Do not close the distance by moving your elbows.
  • The wider the stance the lower you have to squat and further you have to rotate your torso. so more challenging the exercise gets. The narrower the stance, the easier it is to reach the knee.
  • To increase the difficulty of the exercise even more, take a dumbbell or any other weighed object in your hands. For a similair but more explosive variation, try Bodyweight Wood Chop exercise.
  • If you experience pain or discomfort in knees or lower back, stop the exercise and consult your physician.
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