Standing Single Leg V-Ups

Standing Single Leg V-Ups (also known as standing toe taps or standing pike) is an astonishing abdominal exercise targeting upper and lower abs. This is a more functional alternative to the regular single leg v-ups performed on the floor. As all standing abs exercises, Standing Single Leg V-Ups involve more muscles in the movement and […]

Standing Alternating Toe Touches

Standing Alternating Toe Touches is a dynamic standing abs exercise targeting lower abs and obliques. The exercise may also be known as Kick Crunches or Opposite Foot to Opposite Hand Crunch. This is a more functional variation than the regular Alternating Toe Touches done on the floor. That’s because while you’re on your feet you […]

Janda Sit-Up

Janda Sit-Up (also known as Janda Crunch) is one of those ab exercises that can save you from suffering from a lower back pain during or after ab training. Especially if your ab exercise routine consists of lots of crunches and sit-ups with your feet hooked under a piece of furniture or abdominal bench. Most […]

Standing Bicycle Crunch

Standing bicycle crunch (also known as standing criss cross exercise) is a more functional variation of regular Bicycle Crunches. Which by the way is proven to be 248% more effective than standard crunches. This exercise will help you to build up the functional core strength and improve your balance. With a special emphasis on the […]

Standing Leg Lifts (Frankensteins)

Standing leg lifts (also known as standing straight leg raises or “Frankensteins”) is a dynamic standing ab exercise targeting lower abs. This exercise helps to improve the balance and contributes in a development of a functional body. Use this exercise as a more real life applicable alternative to a regular straight leg raise exercise done […]