9 Unpopular Ab Exercises That Don’t Cause Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain during or post ab exercises? Try the exercises listed below to strengthen and develop the abdominal muscles without hurting your back. These 9 unusual ab exercises that don’t cause lower back pain have helped to my and other personal trainers clients to prevent and relieve low back pain […]

45 the Most Loved Standing Abs Workout Routines on You Tube

I did spend an impressive amount of hours surfing the You Tube to find the most loved standing abs workout routines out there. To determine the “lovability” the number of likes and dislikes were taken into a consideration. These numbers later were compared to the total amount of views. A few videos didn’t make it […]

The Simplest Six Pack Diet Plan That Will Work For You

Are you looking for a six pack diet plan? A nutrition strategy that is simple enough to follow? And most importantly…the one that brings results? Look no further. Here it is. Follow the simple steps described below to personalize your diet plan FOR YOU. No lean mass volume, no body fat percentage or other information […]

Good Diet Foods the Most Fit and Healthy People Eat

Good diet foods improve all aspects of health. They boost energy levels out of the roof. Favour weight loss. And make you even smarter. Simply put good food make you a better human being and your life more AWESOME! List of Good Diet Foods To Eat To Look and Feel Great Here are good diet […]

Top 7 Unhealthy Foods You Should Stay Away From

Bad food is the world’s biggest cause of death. Millions of people die each year, because of the bad foods that they are eating. Fifteen out of 20 top death risk factors worldwide are directly or indirectly related to nutrition and physical activity. Heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancers, overweight and obesity are strongly diet-related. If […]