Incline Crunches

This undeservedly unpopular abdominal exercise known as Incline crunches helps to reduce the likelihood of unpleasant lower back pain when training abs. It is much more safer on your lower back than the regular crunches on the floor. This exercise can save your low back from the serious injuries. The following two things I like […]

McGill Curl Up

McGill Curl Up is one of those ab exercises that is used to prevent and even relieve lower back pain. It is widely popularized by the world’s top spinal researcher Stuart McGill. I have used this exercise with my clients with a great success. Although this exercise may look like a regular abdominal crunch, it’s […]

Bent Knee TRX Fall-Outs

Bent knee TRX fall-outs (also known as bent knee TRX roll outs) is for you if lower back pain is common in your ab workouts. This exercise will help your abs to get sore before your back does. Use this exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles while minimizing the risk of hurting your back. Knee […]

Bench Plank With Knees Bent

Bench plank with knees bent (aka incline plank or elevated plank) deserves a spot in your ab exercise arsenal. Especially if you experience a lower back pain when performing ab exercises. Or if your lower back gets sore before the abs do. Knee bending removes a strain of the hip flexors and really helps to […]

Dead Bug

Dead Bug is the ab exercise people experiencing issues with lower back should consider putting in their ab routine along with ab exercises such as exercise ball crunch or reverse crunches. This exercise allows to strengthen abdominal muscles and all the front side of your core while minimizing the pressure on your low back if […]