Standing Bicycle Crunch

Standing bicycle crunch (also known as standing criss cross exercise) is a more functional variation of regular Bicycle Crunches. Which by the way is proven to be 248% more effective than standard crunches. This exercise will help you to build up the functional core strength and improve your balance. With a special emphasis on the […]

Bodyweight Wood Chop

Bodyweight wood chop (combined with a reverse wood chop exercise) is a serious functional maneuver with an emphasis on the obliques. This standing ab exercise helps to build the connection between your upper and lower body and creates a strong core for sports and life adventures. This compound exercise requires engagement of much more muscles […]

Standing Leg Lifts (Frankensteins)

Standing leg lifts (also known as standing straight leg raises or “Frankensteins”) is a dynamic standing ab exercise targeting lower abs. This exercise helps to improve the balance and contributes in a development of a functional body. Use this exercise as a more real life applicable alternative to a regular straight leg raise exercise done […]

Standing Side Crunches

Standing side crunches (also known as standing oblique crunches or knee to elbow) is a functional standing ab exercise targeting oblique muscles. Use this ab exercise as more effective alternative to a regular side crunches done on the floor. Or add it as a variety in your regular ab routine. This exercise will help you […]

Single Leg Sprint

Single leg sprint is an intense standing ab exercise for lower abs development. As being unilateral type exercise, oblique muscles fire in as stabilizers as well. This exercise improves speed, stability, agility and power also. When performing this type of exercise you burn more calories than you would doing regular ab exercises. Thanks to other […]