Single Leg Sprint

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Single Leg Sprint

Single leg sprint is an intense standing ab exercise for lower abs development. As being unilateral type exercise, oblique muscles fire in as stabilizers as well. This exercise improves speed, stability, agility and power also.

When performing this type of exercise you burn more calories than you would doing regular ab exercises. Thanks to other muscle groups involved in the movement.

Single leg sprint ab exercise suits everyone looking to lose weight, develop a functional body or refresh ab training routine. This exercise fits perfectly for sprinters, fighers and other athletes.



  • No equipment needed. You can do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Works more muscles than just abs thereof burns more calories.
  • Improves speed, stability, agility and power.
  • No strain and pull on the neck and back.
  • Promotes development of functional body.
  • Great for high intensity interval training.


Single leg sprint (step-1)

First, get in a starting position. Imitate as you were getting ready for the sprint race. Start by stepping forward with one leg. Bend the front knee. Lean forward. And position bodyweight on the front feet. Make sure that the front knee doesn’t go past the toes to avoid unnecessary strain on a knee joint. Ideally the knee should be positioned directly above the ankle.

Now bend the opposite arm and raise it up. Bend the other arm too and place it slightly rearwards. Engage the core. This will be your starting position.

Single leg sprint (step-2)

To begin the exercise explosively raise the rear knee to your chest as close as possible (while exhaling). Simultaneusly switch the arm placement for a balance. The front knee stays in place.

Then quickly return back to the starting position (while inhaling). Repeat the movement for the desired count of repetitions or until time runs out. OR you reach a point of exhaustion.

Take a rest, switch leg position and repeat the exercise on the other side. When lifting the knee up remember to FOCUS on squeezing lower abs intentionally. Otherwise hip flexors will do the most of the work not the abs.

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