Standing Crossover Toe Touches

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Standing Crossover Toe Touches

Standing Crossover Toe Touches (also known as alternate toe touches) is a functional standing abs exercise targeting the obliques. This compound bodyweight ab exercise helps to build the stronger link between upper and lower body. It also aids in developing a mind muscle connection.

Great thing about this abs execise is that it involves many more muscles than just obliques to perform the movement. The lower back in particular. Strong and healthy lower back is the key to any sport or activity. As a part of the core it optimizes both power and strength while protecting us from low back injury in the process.

That being said Standing Crossover Toe Touches suits as serious athletes (weight lifters, sprinters, swimmers, golfers, fighters and others) as well as new moms and everyone in between.



  • Help the body to lift more, react quicker, adapt faster, and stabilize better.
  • Improves core strength and spinal support.
  • No equipment needed. Do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Works more muscles than just obliques: shoulders, lower back, glutes and hamstrings.
  • Burns more calories than regular ab exercises done on the floor. Thanks to many more muscles involved.


Standing Crossover Toe Touches Step 1

First get in a starting position. Stand tall with your feet outside shoulder width. Turn your toes slightly outward and position your knees in line with your feet. Have a slight bend at your knees. Raise your arms straight to the sides in shoulder height.

Engage the abs.

Standing Crossover Toe Touches Step 2

To begin the exercise push your butt back, bend down and simultaneously rotate your upper body to the right side. Touch the right toe with your left hand. Keep your back as straight as possible throughout the whole motion.

Forcefully and fully exhale during this part of the movement.

Standing Crossover Toe Touches Step 3

While still keeping your back as straight as possible, return back to the starting position. Inhale during this part of the movement.

Standing Crossover Toe Touches Step 4

Now repeat the same movement to the other side. Keep alternating sides until you reach a desired number of repetitions or you no longer can maintain a good form.


  • Keep the back straight and chest up during the exercise. Rounding your back will deactivate the obliques.
  • Perform slow and controlled movements to put more abdominal muscles to work and avoid injury.
  • If you find hard time reaching your toes, bend in your knees more when you reach or the toe.
  • Depending on your mobility actually touching the toe isn’t that necessary. The main goal is to squeeze the obliques as hard as you can to rotate as far as you can go without rounding the back.


1. Prayer Squat Twists (similair, but easier on shoulders and lower back).
2. High Knees Twists (intense).
3. Bodyweight Wood Chop (similair, but more intense).
4. Static Lunge Ab Twist (more intense and works more legs).

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