Quick Standing Oblique Twists

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Quick Standing Oblique Twists

Quick Standing Oblique Twists (also known as standing twists, side twists, oblique twists) is a dynamic standing abs exercise for torturing the obliques. This ab exercise will help in a development of functional core and well-looking midsection.

When we talk about core functionality, obliques play an important role. Obliques are a part of a body’s core and are engaged in every bend and twist you make performing daily tasks, engaging in physical activities or doing sports.

From the aesthetic point of view, obliques are the muscles responsible for those carved side lines of the midsection. You need to train them for the full-package of the abs.

If done correctly Quick Standing Oblique Twists will improve your performance if you do play racquet sports, golf, baseball, do martial arts or any other sports that involve swinging and twisting the torso. This exercise is a good fit for chiseling that V-cut looks as well. Especially if you train at home without any equipment available.



  • Carves out defined V-cut looks down toward the pelvic area.
  • Helps the body to react quicker, adapt faster, and stabilize better.
  • No equipment needed. You can do it anytime, anywhere.
  • Elevates heart rate and maximizes calorie burn.


Get in an athletic stance by placing your feet wider than shoulder width apart and bending the knees slightly. Make fists and place your arms bent in front of you at about chin level. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and engage the abs. With your low back straight, push your hips back and slightly bend forward.

Quick Standing Oblique Twists Step 1

To begin the exercise, vigorously twist your upper body to the left side as far as you possibly can while keeping the lower body stationary. As soon as you reach the farthest point, briskly change the direction and quickly twist your body to the right side. Squeeze and use your obliques on each and every twist.

Imagine that there are bullets coming one after the other to your direction from the both sides. Your arms are your shield. Twist the shield to repel all the bullets and stay alive.

Quick Standing Oblique Twists Step 2

Keep twisting from side to side until you have completed all the repetitions or reached the time limit. Forcefully exhale on every twist. Inhale short rapid breaths between switching the direction.

Quick Standing Oblique Twists Step 3


  • Before attempting this exercise make sure you have richly warmed up your lower back and core muscles.
  • Work on a correct breathing pattern. Don’t hold your breath otherwise you’ll fatigue faster or get lightheaded.
  • Perform the exercise as fast as you can, but never compromise your form though. Keep your abs tense at all times and feel the obliques activating on every twist.
  • To increase the resistance, take and hold any weighed object in your hands.
  • If you experience pain or discomfort in knees or lower back, stop the exercise and consult your physician.


1. Prayer Squat Twists (similair, but low intensity).
2. High Knees Twists (intense, involves leg muscles).
3. Static Lunge Ab Twist (intense, works a lot of leg muscles and shoulders).
4. Standing Bicycle Crunch (not intense).
5. Bodyweight Wood Chop (intense, works more low back and shoulders).

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