Standing Crunches

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Standing crunches (also known as standing ab crunches or standing bodyweight crunches) is a low impact abs exercise for developing mind-muscle connection. This is a great ab exercise for training the ability to contract the abdominal muscles properly. Useful for those who are just starting out or are in a process of recovery.

This standing abs exercise is more functional than the regular crunches usually done lying on the floor. This standing variation of the exercise is more neck and lower back friendly as well. There is no strain and pull on the neck and back. Thereof poeple who usually experience pain and discomfort in their neck and back when training abs will find this variation as a relief.

Standing crunches are suitable for everyone regardless of the level of fitness. Beginners, new moms and everyone who can’t get down to and up from the floor easily will find this exercise the most beneficial.



  • No discomfort for the lower back and the neck.
  • No equipment necessary. You can do Standing Crunches anywhere, anytime.
  • Helps to develope muscle-mind connection.
  • Suitable for those who can’t lie down and get up from the floor easily.


Standing Crunches Step 1

Stand tall with your feet about shoulder width apart. Place your arms behind your head with the elbows poining to the sides. “Suck in” the navel closer to the spine and engage the abs. This will be your starting position.

Standing Crunches Step 2

To begin the exercise crunch your upper body down while fully exhaling. Intentionally squeeze the abs. Allow your upper back to round while avoiding any movement in the lower back. Imagine that you have a string attached from the shoulders to the hips which suddenly starts to shorten. The crunching move is very short and shouldn’t be exaggerated.

Now while keeping your abs contracted, return back to a standing position. Inhale on your way up. Go directly into the next repetition without releasing your abdominal muscles. Repeat the movement for the desired count of repetitions.


  • Perform slow and controlled movements.
  • Tuck your butt under (create a posterior pelvic tilt) to add the extra squeeze to the abdominal muscles.
  • To make sure you are not rounding your back too much, perform the exercise with your heels and back against the wall.
  • To make this exercise more challenging use a resistance band or a cable machine.


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