Rope Climb Crunches

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Rope Climb Crunches

Rope Climb Crunches make crunching more fun, more exciting and more effective. This ab exercise works not only your upper abs but your obliques as well thanks to the torso twisting motion. All you need for an incredible burn is just a little imagination.

Main Target: Upper Abs
Equipment needed: none

How To Do a Rope Climb Crunches

Follow the steps below to perform this ab exercise with a correct form.

Step 1: Get In a Starting Position

Lay flat on your back with your legs bent on the floor or elevated in 90 degree angle. Make sure your lower back is pressed flat against the floor. Raise your arms in the air.

Step 2: Begin the Exercise

Inhale. Embrace your abs and use one of your arms to reach up as you would reach for the rope in between your legs. Your shoulders and upper back should come off the ground. Your neck should be straight and chin up. Once you reach the imaginary rope pull yourself up and climb that rope while exhaling.

Then do the same movement with the other arm. Keep alternating sides until you reach the prescribed amount of repetitions or you can’t do any more quality repetitions. Once you lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor you never put them back throughout the whole exercise.

Modify the Difficulty

The further your imaginary rope is the harder the exercise will get. Beginners climb the rope at the chest level, intermediates at the navel level and more advanced at the hip level.

Also lifting your legs up will make your pose a little bit more unstable and thus the exercise a level difficult.

Extra Tips For the Perfect Rope Climb Crunches:

  • Look straight ahead at the imaginary rope.
  • Imitate the actual rope grabbing and pulling movement.
  • Twist your upper body as much as you can.
  • When your form begins to suffer, terminate the exercise.
  • If you experience lower back pain, stop.

Common Mistakes:

  • Upper back and shoulders resting on the floor.
  • Not fully rotating upper body.
  • Chin tucked close to the chest.

Rope Climb Crunches Video Demonstration

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