To Get Extremely Shredded In 7 Days I Stole a Few Tricks From Pros

Extremely shredded phisique you see on covers cannot be reachable through regular dieting and training. Especially if you’re not a professional athlete, fitness model or bodybuilder. Here’s what most may NOT know… All fitness, bikini models, figure competitors and professional bodybuilders go through multiple body manipulations short before their photoshoots and competitions to achieve that […]

3 Best Abs Exercises For a Quicker 6-Pack

Your choice of ab exercises can play an incredible role in your ab development on the long run. Just because some ab exercises are more effective than others. If you choose wisely, you can develope tighter abs few times quicker. While there are a ton of guys preaching many different ab exercises as the best […]

13 Never-Dying Myths About Six Pack Abs

Myth 1: You Can’t Have Six Pack Abs This statement is as ridiculous as saying you can’t have a biceps or a triceps. You know you have both of these muscles, right? Well abs are no different. You already have them. You just don’t see them, because they are covered by unattractive belly fat. You […]