Static Lunge Ab Twist

Static lunge ab twist (also known as lunge torso rotation) is not only fun but pretty darn effective standing ab exercise for obliques. It burns more calories and is more effective than regular seated ab twist exercise you may be familiar with. First, it’s beyond doubt that this variation of the exercise is more functional. […]

Sumo Oblique Crunch

Sumo oblique crunch (also know as Plie side oblique crunch) is a great standing ab exercise. This functional core exercise works more than just your abdominal muscles in your body thus burns more calories than regular ab exercises done on the floor. This ab exercise is recommended for those who are trying to lose weight, […]

McGill Curl Up

McGill Curl Up is one of those ab exercises that is used to prevent and even relieve lower back pain. It is widely popularized by the world’s top spinal researcher Stuart McGill. I have used this exercise with my clients with a great success. Although this exercise may look like a regular abdominal crunch, it’s […]